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  • Ultra Stretch Recycled Panel Fabric 
  • ARIAPRENE® TERRA Foam Padding
  • Hardened 900D Recycled Nose Cone 
  • Overlocked Seams
  • Recycled Polyester Thread
  • Drawstring Opening 
  • MIL-TEC Cord Stopper
  • Made Using Recycled Materials

Made to perform, the hardened board sock has been designed, tested and iterated to provide unrivalled protection for your board. Using ARIAPRENE® TERRA foam padding to cushion the nose & ultra-stretch panels to maintain an ‘always-snug’ fit.

Crafted from performance oriented sustainable materials, the hardened board sock delivers on our commitment to sustainability. Made using recycled materials to deliver a rugged construction, capable of protecting your board in the moments that matter most.

Panel Fabric: 78% Polyester (Recycled) / 22% Spandex

Nose Padding: ARIAPRENE® TERRA Foam

Nose Cover: 900D RPET (Recycled)

Drawstring: Polyester (Recycled)

Sewing Thread: Polyester (Recycled)

Cord Stopper: MIL-TEC Stopper (Polyformaldehyde)

Printing: Water-based Inks

Made in small batches, manufacturing of our board socks is driven by quality, rather than quantity. Our socks are built to perform time and time again, to be a constant companion in the journeys to come. Every sock that leaves our door has been inspected against our standards and approved for use.

Protective and Sustainable

Supercharging the aesthetic look & feel of a sock with durable and rugged protection. The OSSEY board sock is built to be your loyal surf companion, protecting your board from scrapes, dings and grit on your way to the waves. The OSSEY sock is built to protect where others fall short. 

Thick Ultra Stretch Panelling

Made using a thick weave blend of recycled polyester (RPET) and spandex, our socks are designed to offer a sleek and snug fit for any board within your quiver.

Enhanced Nose Protection

Our board socks feature a two layer buffer, combining an inner foam core made from salvaged production waste (Ariaprene Terra ®) encased under a durable recycled 900D polyester shell.

Drawstring Closer

Allowing quick access or covering of your board. Made using recycled paracord (RPET).

Mil-Tec® Cord Stopper

Fastened using a Mil-Tec® cord stopper to offer a robust seal & protection from accidental openings. Keeping your board & wax safe from sand & grit exposure.

Durable Thread

Every interface is overlocked with durable polyester thread, selected due to it’s strong and durable nature, capable of withstanding repeated UV and seawater exposure.

Water-Based Ink

Penetrating deep into the fabric fibres to generate long lasting and flexible prints. Water-based inks provide a more environmentally conscious approach to printing by using less chemicals than plastisol alternatives.

“The OSSEY board sock is my go to for keeping my board safe over day and weekend trips" Lawrence Todd

Protective By Design

Our hardened board socks were born out of need. After one too many dents and scratches we thought it was high time to enhance the humble board sock, to design a sock with more protection for our boards and more consideration for our planet.

Crafted From Performance Orientated Sustainable Materials

We believe that performance and sustainability should go hand in hand. Our hardened board socks are designed to give unrivalled protection for your board whilst also considering our environment.

Every material that goes into an OSSEY hardened board sock has been carefully chosen to meet our strict performance and environmental requirements.

Made With Care

We place huge emphasis on manufacturing socks that will stand the test of time.  We believe in small batch manufacturing, where quality, rather than quantity, is the driver. Every sock we make has been built to perform when needed, and to perform time and time again.