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Started by two mates with a vision for high performance surf equipment, OSSEY is what happens when you blend a love of surfing, engineering, and nature under one roof. We’re built on the belief that high performance designs and sustainability can not just coexist, but drive one another forward. If you think the same way, we'd love to have you in the family.

Our Story

Mates, Best Mates

Mates since their days at uni, George and Alex have surfed together for years. During the weeks, they buried their heads in engineering textbooks, only to be rescued by weekends spent exploring the wild Devonshire coast, finding the untouched gems of the English coastline. 

Over their years of surfing together, the two became frustrated by the poor performance of the current market offerings of surfboard socks; made from questionable and unsustainable materials, their boards were scratched and dinged, let down by a lack of true protection. It wasn’t hard to see the bar needed to be raised. The two began to dream of a better option.

The Spark

It was years later, after some galavanting around the world, a few attempts at “real jobs” and many surf trips later, the two decided it was about time to raise the standard of surfing equipment. Their love of design unfaded, their passion for surfing stronger, their vision of OSSEY and the difference that it could make had come flooding back. 

The pair wanted to channel every ounce of knowledge and innovation they had into creating a meticulously designed, environmentally conscious protective surfboard sock. 


It’s taken from the term 'Ossification’, it describes the process of bone formation undertaken to form the hard shell of a turtle. We chose the name for two reasons: firstly, our hardened socks are designed to emulate the durable nature of a turtle’s shell, for surfers to be able to depend on our gear for protection in the same way a turtle depends on its shell. Secondly as a beacon for sustainability, with sea turtle numbers at risk from ocean pollution, our name and logo serves as a constant reminder of the importance of sustainability in our company.

Our Values

Protection and sustainability drive everything we do at OSSEY. These were the foundations on which this journey began, and will forever guide the direction of our company and products. 

We believe in being bold with our designs, to challenge current trends and methods, to take leaps, to innovate, to forever strive for a higher level of performance and sustainability. Our products are driven by the needs of the surfing community, and our designs inspired by nature. We believe in a higher standard of protective surf gear.

Our own backyard

We believe in first taking accountability for our actions and impact, before looking elsewhere. We make every effort to drive sustainability into our company and our products. We focus on using natural or recycled materials in our designs, from Yulex rubber derived from tree sap, to recycled polyester made from discarded plastic, our designs utilise performance focused, sustainable materials. We believe in designing durable products, capable of standing the test of time. 

Our supply chain is optimised to keep waste to an absolute minimum, making the most of every last piece of material that enters our doors. We minimise material offcuts, and where we can’t, we reuse these offcuts into other products/designs, or donate them to other small businesses and hobbyists to make meaningful products with. 

We’re here to prove that high performance and sustainability can not just coexist, but drive one another forward.   

One Tree Planted

The ocean may have our hearts, but we care for the planet as a whole. Teaming up with One Tree Planted allows us to have a bigger impact on the global stage, planting one tree for every hardened board sock sold. We currently plant our trees in the Amazon rainforest, home to nearly 30% of the world’s plant and animal species, and a critical carbon sink. This precious rainforest faces continued threat from logging, unsustainable farming and fires. By planting trees we’re helping to preserve this wonder of nature for future generations and aid in the fight against climate change. 

Being part of One Tree Planted is part of our ongoing initiative to be accountable for the carbon emissions that our business produces.  

Our Family

We’re a brand run by surfers, for surfers. On a journey to provide a higher standard of protective gear for our community with a lower impact on the environment we love. Join us for the ride and help steer our product line up!


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