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We believe that high performance and sustainability should go hand in hand. Our hardened board socks are designed to give unrivaled protection for your board whilst also protecting our environment. Every material that goes into an OSSEY hardened board sock has been carefully chosen to meet our strict performance and environmental requirements.The materials we use reflect our commitment to surfers and our commitment to the environment.

Recycled Polyester + Spandex Blend

Our fabric blend rescues waste polyester that may otherwise have found its way to our oceans. By reusing drinks bottles, plastic containers and other single use plastic items, every single one of our socks takes a little bit more plastic out of the environment and puts it back to good use. 

Spandex provides the essential stretch properties needed in our panel fabric, ensuring our socks always stay snug to the board for protection, no matter what size or dimensions. We currently do not have a non-virgin source for the spandex used in our blend. We are actively seeking alternatives to spandex, whilst also pursuing non-virgin alternatives. If you're aware of any schemes or initiatives centred around these goals, please let us know here [LINK:]

We use the absolute minimum amount of spandex required to give the performance stretch properties of our socks. Virgin spandex currently makes up less than 5% of each of our bags by weight. 

Recycled 900D Polyester

A durable and quick drying fibre, recycled polyester forms a key part of our sock, reinforcing key areas against abrasive damage. By using recycled polyester, made from used plastic goods rather than virgin petroleum from the ground,  we’re lessening our dependence on scarce, environmentally harmful oil. Whilst also keeping waste out of landfill and our environment that would otherwise take hundreds of years to decompose.

Water-based Inks

Penetrating deep into fabrics, bonding with the material fibres, water based inks yield a hard wearing, yet soft-to-the-touch print. As the ink bonds with the fabric fibres, water-based prints stretch with the fabric to prevent cracking or warping of the print.

Free from PVC resin and plasticiser typically seen in plastisol based inks, water based inks provide a more environmentally conscious approach to printing.