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We place huge emphasis on manufacturing socks that will stand the test of time. We believe in small batch manufacturing, where quality, rather than quantity, is the driver. Every sock we make has been built to perform when needed, and to perform again and again.

From Idea To Reality

Despite it’s appearances, the hardened sock is a deceptively trickey product to make; joining multiple layers of thick Yulex rubber & ultra-stretch fabric requires a skilled and talented hand. With every stitch line critical to ensure the longevity & durability of the sock.

With our Yulex natural rubber and recycled polyester + spandex blend already coming from overseas, we choose to look there for a manufacturing partner. Searching for a partner that could offer quality & reliability for a fair price. Following numerous samples, rigorous product testing, and independent quality inspections, we consolidated all our manufacturing under one roof, from fabric cutting, through stitching and screen printing. Enabling us to build a much closer and meaningful relationship with a single supplier, who proved time and time again their dedication to quality matched our own.

Maximising Material

We use premium recycled & natural materials in our socks, and seek to use every last inch of them. Every element in our sock has been designed with a focus on efficient material utilisation, with the sock panels, rails and nose cones all sized to extract maximum usable material from raw stock, whilst still delivering best in class protection for your board.

All Article Inspection

With this in mind, we chose to pursue an all article inspection method. Every single sock we make undergoes detailed inspection. With stitch integrity, material condition, print quality all checked & evaluated before being shipped out. In keeping with our ethos of reducing wastage, any socks that don’t pass inspection first time, are not simply discarded, but instead placed back into rework, with any imperfections corrected to meet our strict quality standard.  


Our commitment to nature doesn't end with manufacturing hardened socks, but extends all the way to your front door. We minimise all packing involved in shipping, every sock is shipped in a 100% recyclable single walled cardboard mailer. No plastic bubble wrap, no oversized boxes, no endless paper inserts, our packaging is minimal yet functional, designed to deliver our socks to your front door, looking the same as when they left our factory.